28 November 2022 Telenor Quiz Today – Test Your Skills Today

Today, we are going to answer quiz questions. For each question, there is only one correct answer. We hope you will have fun! Let’s start!

Today Telenor Answer Quiz

On this page, I will tell you about Telenor Answers Today. You know you can easily win free internet with the just given Telenor app answer they ask you questions you need to submit. So if you find it and look, then you are in the right place.

What is Telenor Answer today?

Did you know that free internet can be yours with just one simple application and answer their question? All it takes is for someone like yourself who’s looking! And if this sounds interesting as well, then continue reading below about how exactly do I get started winning these awesome prizes from Telenor Today’s app-answers contests.

What is My Telenor App?

The Telenor app has become very popular among people. It provides free internet and cheap packages that are easy to install without any problem; this access is only for Telenor users, so enjoy it.

win Internet with Test your skills today answers

What are you waiting for? I assure you, winning free internet is as easy as installing the Telenor App. If you have already installed it and are just looking for an answer, then go to below, and if you have not installed it, then first do it then click on the Test Your skill.

  • Open Telenor Application (My App).
  • Answer the Question.
  • Submit your Answer.
  • That’s it! You can win free internet by answering some questions on the Telenor app.
  • So you can get free 50/100 MBS Internet.

Can I Get Free Internet With Telenor?

You can win free internet with the telenor app by answering questions.

Can I Win Free Internet Through My Telenor App?

Yes, A person can earn free internet by answering questions on the Telenor app.

Question 1: Which of these was used as currency in Native America?

  • Plastic
  • Ruber
  • Glass
  • Chocolate

Answer: Chocolate

Question 2: The currency of Sri Lanka is _____?

  • Paisa
  • Taka
  • Dollar
  • Rupee

Answer: Rupee

Question 3: Paper currency was first introduced by ____ dynasty?

  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Tang

Answer: Tang

Question 4: Penny is a subunit of _____?

  • Rupee
  • Tomman
  • Pound
  • Ruble

Answer: Pound

Question 5: The currency of Bangladesh is _____

  • Rupee
  • Taka
  • Dollar
  • Dinar

Answer: Taka

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