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Today, we are going to answer quiz questions. For each question, there is only one correct answer. We hope you will have fun! Let’s start!

Today Telenor Answer Quiz

On this page, I will tell you about Telenor Answers Today. You know you can easily win free internet with the just given Telenor app answer they ask you questions you need to submit. So if you find it and look, then you are in the right place.

What is Telenor Answers today?

Did you know that free internet can be yours with just one simple application and answer their question? All it takes is for someone like yourself who’s looking! And if this sounds interesting as well, continue reading below about how exactly I get started winning these awesome prizes from Telenor Today’s app-answers contests.

What is My Telenor App?

The My Telenor app is a simple application that you can use to access and manage your Telenor services. You can get this application through the Google Play Store. You should install the app and log in to your account. You can check your account details and get the latest offers you have received. You can also check your usage details. You can use the Telenor app to manage your account. You can change your billing and subscription details as well. You can also update your address and other details. You should use this app whenever you are in the mood to receive updates from Telenor. If you want to do this, you should log in to your account and download the app.

Today Telenor Answer ( Get Unlimited Internet )

Do you want to get free internet by simply answering the Telenor daily quiz questions? Yes, you heard right! The Telenor app is an amazing app that provides unlimited internet to their customers free of cost in return for quiz answers. You can provide the Today 26  September 2022 Telenor answer to get free unlimited internet for one day. You can get a daily net if you provide daily correct answers.

Get Free internet by (Telenor Quiz Today) 

It’s important for you to stay up to date with our Today Telenor Answers. We do this by updating the questions on our website daily. This way, you’ll always be able to find the right answers quickly.

The My Telenor quiz today is a daily online test designed to evaluate your general knowledge.  You can take the My Telenor quiz Today for free, and you can get the latest quiz by logging in. The test is in English and is based on Norwegian culture and history. The test is a bit tricky, but the answers are all correct. You can get the latest Telenor quiz today  from our website. These answers are mostly about general knowledge and education.


The My Telenor app Answer Today has a new function that requires you to complete 5 questions every day in exchange for free internet. This service has grown in popularity, and many people now go to Google to receive it and see the Today My Telenor App Answers to their questions. Telenor will give you up to 50 MB of free internet each day if you answer these questions correctly.
You can get Telenor answers today for your Quiz Questions. To get the Telenor Today Answer to the app, you must answer 5 questions correctly.

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Telenor Quiz Today (26 September 2022)

Are you looking for the correct answer? So here is the list of today’s Telenor questions answered.

Question 1: Who is the only player to hit the first ball of a test match as 6?

  • S. Akhtar
  • U. Gul
  • U. Akmal
  • C. Gayle

Answer: C. Gayle

Question 2: Five-wicket haul is when a bowler takes five wickets in one ______?

  • Over
  • Tournament
  • Innings
  • Half

Answer: Innings

Question 3: How many players can play from the squad on the field in the cricket match?

  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 11

Answer: 11

Question 4: Which color ball is used in Test Cricket?

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Blue

Answer: Red

Question 5: When a batsman is dismissed on first ball it is called a _____?

  • Chicken
  • Sparrow
  • Crow
  • Golden Duck

 Ans: Click to check Answer

Can I Get Free Internet With Telenor?

You can win free internet with the Telenor app by answering questions. If you can, you will earn free internet for 24 hours. You will be provided with the questions and the answers. There are different categories, such as: Entertainment, Life and Travel, and Business. The Telenor Answers Today website will tell you which category you need to select. Once you have selected the category, you will be asked to provide the answers to the question.

Telenor answers today is a simple online form which has only 5 questions and they are very easy. So you can do it at anytime and anywhere. You can take a Telenor quiz Today any time from anywhere. These are not like the old Telenor quizzes which you had to write down your answers on paper or by typing them on a computer. So you can win free internet anytime and anywhere.

Can I Win Free Internet Through My Telenor App?

Yes, A person can earn free internet by answering questions on the Telenor app.

Telenor USSD Codes DetailsTelenor Short Codes

How Can I Check  Telenor Balance?

To check your Telenor Balance dial the Telenor USSD code  *444#

How Can I Check latest Telenor offers?

To check your Telenor latest offers dial the Telenor USSD code  *345#

How to Check Internet Data?

To check your Telenor internet data dial the Telenor USSD code  *999#

Check SIM Number

Call to 7421

SIM Lagao Offer

To check your Telenor Sim Lagao offer  dial the Telenor USSD code *2222#

Check SMS 

To check your Telenor SMS Status dial the Telenor USSD Code *111# 

Check Minutes 

To check your Telenor Minutes Status dial the Telenor USSD Code *222#

Advance Balance


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